First Dates & Impressing Philippine Women

First Date Tips to Impress Philippine Women

Dating is a thrilling, terrifying, beautiful thing, especially on first dates with Philippine Women. It certainly could be more difficult to date a woman from a different culture than you. There may initially be barriers between the two of you, but ultimately, love can overcome. A few tips don’t hurt either.

What should I wear? Where should we meet? What should I say? These are some of the questions and apprehensions that probably cross your mind whenever you are preparing for a date. Unknowns are scary, especially when your future wife could be sitting across the table from you.

Men on first dates typically want to create a good first impression. If you are a foreign man looking for everlasting love with Philippine women, then you should learn how to make her adore the first date and request a second. Impressing her right away is the best way to achieve this.

Impressing Filipinas won’t be a very difficult task once you understand the dating etiquette of the Philippines. Philippine women are usually very appreciative and humble; they aren’t hard to please.  Even the smallest sincere effort makes them feel very special.

Here are the essential elements required to impress her and have her waiting, phone in hand, for your next date invitation:

  1. A Sense of Humor

The Philippines is a country that is known worldwide for the warm smiles of its people. Not every culture has such a light and free perspective. If you’re always smiling, it’s good. If she’s always smiling, it’s even better. On your first date, don’t forget to throw out some one-liners that will make her giggle.

Philippine women love to laugh and nothing is sexier for them than a man with a good sense of humor. A little self-depreciative humor doesn’t hurt either. Filipino women are known for appreciating jokes at the expense of themselves more than others.

2. Being Gentlemanly

If you really want to impress Philippine women during your first meeting, then being a gentleman is an excellent start. One act that would immediately win a Filipina’s heart is treating her with respect due to a lady. Filipinos live in a traditional culture where gender roles are clearly defined and they always respect the femininity of a woman. During your date, helping her carry her things, opening doors, or pulling out her chair for her to sit down are all ways to show off your chivalry.  

  1. Icebreaking

Since Filipinas are typically traditional, they expect the man to move first. You need to be the initiator when it comes to conversation with Philippine women because, in the dating culture of the Philippines, women are reserved and conservative. Getting her to smile in those first few awkward minutes can lead to a lifetime of happiness. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by diving in your head first, even if your opening line is a bit lame.  

Asking about her interests, her life, and her tastes is a great way to get her talking, and about things she’s interested in. Talking about and comparing relevant experiences is also a great way to begin building a bond in those crucial first few moments.  

You can also check out our other articles on first dates with Cebu women to learn how to break the ice and give her a smile that will last all evening.

  1. Having Manners

Manners maketh the man. Good manners will always take you far, especially with Filipinas. Manners certainly matter everywhere, but they are given especially high regard in Philippine culture and tradition. Just remember to be kind and polite, and you will definitely earn her respect, if not her love.

  1. Being Well Groomed and Hygienic

Philippine women adore men who take care of themselves. Putting effort into how you smell and how neat you look shows self-respect. Also, poor hygiene typically turns women off. It’s better to wear your neatly ironed, or off-the-hanger, suit and apply cologne liberally. Looking good and feeling good will probably also boost your self-confidence, which is another important date element.

Now that you know how to impress Philippine women, you’re now ready to go on a date with one. Ultimately, just be your sincere self as you and her both will be much more comfortable. Filipinas also always appreciate someone who is genuine. Now, go make your dreams come true with a Philippine woman.


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