Things to Look Forward to in Marriage with Filipino Women

Filipino Women: What It’s Like to Marry One

Filipino women are regarded as ideal lifetime mates by men across the globe. For the past few years, foreign men have broadened their dating opportunities by seeking true love in the Philippines. This is due to the fact that Filipinas possess a myriad of fascinating qualities that make them the epitome of a perfect wife.  

Countless foreign men who married a Filipina have described their marriage as their haven. However, you should also expect that differences in beliefs and values may arise brought about by contrasting cultural backgrounds.

In order for you to have a better shot at a successful relationship with a Philippine woman, you should know what her values and beliefs are first. Aside from learning the marriage culture of the Philippines, getting to know your Filipina holistically only affirms your genuine interest to know her down to her very core.

  1. Filipino women usually have larger extended families.

Filipinos typically have larger extended families. But despite having so many family members, they still manage to maintain close family ties. This means that aside from her mom, dad, siblings, her grandparents, cousins and even distant relatives might also be living in the same roof or in close proximity.

Their families are always on top of their priorities. Marrying her also means marrying her entire clan. Pinays are also fond of organizing family reunions, and her family’s warm welcome would certainly make you feel at home.

  1. Respect is a highly regarded virtue for Filipino women.

Respect, especially for elders, is a virtue that is given high regard in Filipino culture. They normally look to their elders for counsel and approval for certain life-changing decisions like marriage.

Since close family ties are extremely important for Filipinas, we recommend that you foster good relations with your bride’s parents and elders before you even get married. It will be a pivotal point in your relationship because Pinays would normally look to their parents and elders for blessings before they decide to tie the knot.

  1. Family dinners are important.

Since time immemorial, it is a Filipino tradition to have dinner together. Of all the meals in the day, they look forward to dinner most because it is the time of the day when all the family members gather and talk about how their day went. For them, it’s a time for catching up with each other despite the busy schedule.  

Who wouldn’t be excited to go back home for dinner when you know your stunning Filipina has prepared your favorite dish for you? Filipinas are known for their superior culinary skills. They cook with passion and love which is why dinner is a daily routine that you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Work life balance.

Filipinas are experts in balancing work and leisure. This is why the Philippines is considered to be one of the happiest countries on Earth. They don’t let the pressure from work crush them; they know when to be serious and when to loosen up.  

You will also learn how to slow down in life when you marry a Filipina. She will constantly keep you in check whenever you get too stressed out from work. Simple gestures like asking you to take her out for dinner, or singing karaoke or even just watching her favorite TV shows. It’s her own way of telling you that there’s so much more to life than work.

  1. Sunday is Church Day.

The Philippines is a  predominantly Catholic country, which means most Philippine women were raised in religious households. Their strong devotion to their faith makes them resilient in everything they go through. This is why you will always observe that their family goes to church on Sundays.

If you have a family with a Filipina in the future, expect your children to be brought up with a strong devotion to God. Every Sunday will be a chance for the family to spend it in the church. Thus, Sundays are both family and church day. Marrying a Pinay is a lifetime commitment. Unlike in the West, where marriage is almost always treated as something trivial, Filipinas regard marriage as a sacred sacrament. Thus, if you are one of the few lucky men who won a Filipina’s heart, we implore you to treasure it. Women like them are so hard to come by these days.


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  1. There are lots to be said about marrying a Filipina. I am married to an American and an Episcopalian and I had to do a lot of compromise to make the marriage work. Maybe he got the better end of the bargain but we are still married for almost 49 years, a year and a half to reach 50. Not everything was rosey but we survived and the reason is Filipina wives are resilient, strong, loving and loyal to their husbands. As you said, “Women like them are so hard to come by these days.”


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