Top 5 Churches Perfect for Wedding with a Philippine Woman

Top 5 Churches Perfect for Wedding with a Philippine Woman

Beautiful Churches for Tying the Knot with Your Philippine Woman

Philippine women are one of the most ideal lifetime partners of men across the globe. Their exceptional beauty and admiring qualities win the hearts of these men. Their love for their partners last a lifetime.

In order to spend your lifetime with her, you should observe the marriage culture of the Philippines. Filipino women have a rich marriage culture that they always observe no matter how modernized the Philippines is today. You should tie the knot with your Filipino girlfriend first.  

In the marriage culture of the Philippines, it is ideal to celebrate a church wedding since the Filipino women are very devoted to God and the Philippines is a Catholic country. If you are planning to marry your Filipina girlfriend and you still have no idea where to celebrate your church wedding, then we’ve got your back.

A lot of churches are dotting the numerous islands of the Philippines. So, we’ve prepared a list of the most beautiful churches in the Philippines where you can celebrate your wedding with your Filipina girlfriend:

1.Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

It is also popularly known as the Manila Cathedral. This is situated at the heart of the historic Intramuros. It is a premier cathedral in the country and is considered the mother of all churches in the Philippines.

It is one of the most visited churches in Manila because it is considered a masterpiece. Its architecture is inspired by the Neo-Romanesque style. The walls, doors, and stained glass are intricately designed making it a favorite for weddings by Philippine women.

  1. Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu

Considered to be the oldest Catholic church in the Philippines is located in the heart of Cebu City. The church houses the oldest image of Sto. Niño. Its structure has a touch of Muslim, Romanesque, and Neoclassical style. The styles are well-blended making its facade and interior classy.

Tying the knot with Philippine women, particularly Cebu women, is historic when celebrated in a church with a rich history and a stunning interior.

  1. La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church

This is one of the most unique churches in the Philippines since it is made up of corals. It is located in Baclayon, Bohol. This was built during the Spanish regime and is regarded as the second oldest stone church in the country.

The interior of the church is adorned with angels’ wings and heads. However, it was damaged by an earthquake that struck Bohol on October 2013, but is now restored. A wedding with Philippine women in a UNESCO World Heritage is surely a celebration to behold.

  1. Lagen Island Chapel

If you want a garden wedding with your Philippine girlfriend, then this chapel in El Nido, Palawan is the best place for you. This garden chapel is enclosed within limestone walls. In fact, a lot of celebrities have been married in this garden chapel because of its captivating beauty.

Besides its beauty, it is the calmest and most peaceful garden chapel where you can exchange your vows for forever.

  1. Callao Cave Chapel

If you want a unique underground wedding, then the Callao Cave Chapel, the only Roman Catholic chapel inside a cave, best suits your wedding. This chapel is in the first chamber of the most popular Callao Cave in Tuguegarao City.

Navigating to the cave is never a problem since a staircase with 184 steps was built. And inside the cave, the skylight that enters the cave through its opening creates a dramatic scenario. It adds a more romantic atmosphere for your wedding with a Philippine lady.

Take some time in choosing the church that best suits your wedding with your Pinay girlfriend. Given some of the best churches in the Philippines above, then you now have the idea of where to celebrate the beginning of your forever and exchange ‘I dos”.  


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