How to Make Your Filipina Girlfriend Feel Kilig?

Top 6 Kilig Things for a Filipina Girlfriend

Learn how to make your Filipina girlfriend feel kilig

Filipino women are not hard to please. They know how to appreciate even the simplest effort. These women are so easy to be with that you would never have a problem in making her smile.

If you are dating a Filipina girlfriend right now, besides the dating culture of the Philippines, you should know the Filipino term “kilig”. And what is “kilig”? Probably, you would also be asking if what’s the relationship of the word “kilig” and dating a Filipina.

“Kilig” is a Filipino term that is now added in some English dictionaries which means, according to the Urban Dictionary, the sudden unexplainable feeling of joy you get when something very romantic happens. It is a feeling that makes your girlfriend blush suddenly because you did something romantic and ideal for her.

For Filipinas feeling “kilig” is important for them once in a while to keep the fire burning in the relationship. Long term relationships (LTRs) never get old because of some “kilig gestures and moments” . It’s important to still have that child-like excitement when you are with your partner.

Listed below are the simple things that you can do to  make her blush and feel “kilig”:

1.Tell her “Ikaw ang pinakamaganda”.

This means ‘you are beautiful’. Complimenting your Filipina girl will always make her happy. Every woman will always blush when you tell her that she’s beautiful.

It’s always important that you make her beautiful. Find for a perfect timing and stare at her in the eyes. Slowly utter the words in Filipino so it would sound so sincere and would show your interest to the Philippine cultures and traditions. It will surely melt her.

  1. Surprise date nights

It’s not necessary that you should treat her to a date in an expensive restaurant. What matters for your Philippine woman is your effort!

You can take her near a seashore while bringing some food and listen to the sound of the gentle waves while talking about random things. Another idea is to take her in a long romantic walk in a park or in a stargazing while eating the delicious street foods in the Philippines. This is how to spell romantic.

  1. Sending some flowers and letters

Handwritten letters and flowers never goes out of style. For girls, they always feel special when they receive stuff like this. They think handwritten letters are very personalized that makes these women love it so much.

Try writing a letter for her pouring all your heart and soul. Or even a simple note attached in a cup of coffee or her favorite chocolate! This would make her smile and jump and roll in bed!

  1.  Kiss in the forehead

Philippine women always love forehead kisses. They would always find it romantic rather than any other kisses, especially the ones which are stolen. You will see her blush once in a while!

  1. Stare at her

Stares are deadly. And this is your way of killing your Pinay romantically and playfully. For her, when you stare at her, it’s like you are amazed of her and that she’s the only sparkling thing in the world that you can see.

Silently look at her in the eyes and lock her gaze. This would make her heart skip a beat.  

  1. Good morning/ Good night messages

This would feel her special. It makes her think that she is the last person you are thinking  before you sleep and the first person after waking up. This would make her draw a smile on her beautiful face and would start her day beautifully.

  1. Grab her waist while walking

Grabbing her waist while walking means you want to show the world that she is with you and that you are very proud of her. It is also another way of showing your Pinay girlfriend that you are overprotective of her.

Try doing one of these things to her, you will see the real definition of “kilig” . You will witness how her cheeks blush and how she tries to hide that smile. This would also make both of you still excited about each other’s antics resulting to a stronger relationship.


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