How To Win A Filipina’s Heart


In the Southeast region of continental Asia lies one of the world’s tropical paradise — the Philippines. With a string of over 7,100 islands collectively known as the Philippine Archipelago, it is blessed with beautiful landscapes and other natural riches, thus getting its famous tag as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas.”

Located in the Pacific Ocean and near the equator, Philippines is endowed with abundant natural resources and some of the world’s greatest biodiversity. Not only it is blessed with natural and scenic wonders, but with wonderful people as well. Given their hospitality and good dispositions, you’ll surely fall in love not just with the country per se, but with beautiful Philippine women as well.

How To Win A Filipina’s Heart

More than anything else in the country, the Philippines boasts of its alluring women. The Filipina beauty will never fail to attract foreign men not just my eyes but also by the heart. What makes these women alluring in the eyes of men more than their physical attributes is the Filipina way of making themselves effortlessly attractive yet still simple and reserved. Once you get to know these Filipina women, you will find that they possess admirable qualities that definitely qualify them to become any faithful man’s wife. But how would you get to know them? Here is a few know-how to help you with:

  • Get to know the Filipino core values.

The Filipino culture is anchored by its core values and if you are trying to win the heart of single Philippine ladies, bridging the cultural gap is the best way to start with. Knowing these core values will help you during your stay in the country without offending anyone. This will put you in an advantageous position with Filipinas. You must remember that although Filipinos are very welcoming and friendly, they are pretty strict when it comes to their values.

  • Court her.

Filipinas are very meticulous when it comes to choosing a boyfriend because they do not like to be mistaken as being easy to get. As they are very reserved, this should be not a surprise to you that you still need to undergo the stage of courtship before you could actually win her heart. Here, you will have the chance to show her deep love and faithfulness toward her. Given this, expect that courting Philippine ladies can be laborious. Be prepared to be tested when it comes to your politeness, your servitude, and your sincerity; hence, before courting her, you must make sure that you really love her because you’ll end up giving up in the middle of it all or getting rejected if otherwise.

  • More actions, fewer words.

Now that you are in the courting stage, what you need to do is be consistent with your efforts of pursuing her. How? Talking less and doing more are the keys. Filipina women love to be wooed and pursued. Make her feel special and valued not just by telling her that, but by actually doing things to make her feel that way like opening doors for her, visiting her at her home, listening to her, or by just being there for her. You don’t need to exaggerate things; you just need to be consistent to let her know that you are being sincere with your intentions on wanting to date her.

  • Win her family’s approval.

One of the valued characteristics of a Filipina is being family-oriented; this means that they put their families first above themselves. Given this, her family’s approval can actually make or break you. Be prepared with all the interrogations because they will definitely ask you a lot of questions. You must be in your best behavior and be communicative enough to her family members.

  • Talk about your future and how you see it through her.

The thing about women in the Philippines is that they do not just go on a date with men without thinking of a long-term relationship. Filipinas date for marriage and they expect you to do the same. You must also think of the future that both of you will have and talk to her about it. Tell her your plans for the future and how you see her in that picture. Tell her how you see yourselves in the years to come. That way, she will know that you are there to stay.

Trying to win the heart of a Filipina takes more than just guts and effort. It also requires you to be patient, understanding and genuine with your feelings for her. Yes, you may say it is laborious but with what these ladies possess, everything will all be worth it in the end. These ladies are commitment-worthy, which is why a lot of men seek after Philippine women for marriage.


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