How to Marry a Woman From The Philippines and Why They Make Perfect Wives

Before finding the perfect bride for you, get to know more about some of the best wives around the world –Filipinas. Having this kind of knowledge about these exotic women would greatly benefit you in terms of searching for a long-lasting relationship and a forever partner. Get to know the different qualities and characteristics and all the important information on how to marry a woman from the Philippines. Once you’ve made up your mind on meeting these gorgeous women, prepare to be smitten by their one-of-a-kind hospitality, genuine personalities, and exotic beauty!

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Dating and Marriage Culture In The Philippines

The country of the Philippines is without a doubt some of the most scenic destinations around the world. Known for their luscious tropical beaches and natural wonders, the islands not only hold marvelous sites but exotic women as well. The locals are beyond friendly and accommodating. They’re eager to help in any way they can and know how to have a spectacular time, making your getaway in the Philippines a memorable experience. Even though Philippine women are great to have as company, they are surprisingly conservative when it comes to dating.

As compared to the Western culture in the Philippines, hookups and casual dating aren’t so common and are often looked down upon by society. The Filipino dating scene mainly leans toward romantic relationships than unsure courtship. Philippine courtship involves a series of stages rather than a direct mutual relationship. The first date is essential since it is viewed as the official time for you both to get to know each other.  When there is romantic intention involved between you and a Philippine woman, get ready to take things slow to make sure you win her heart. Don’t expect a kiss on the first date though.

In the dating culture of Philippines, words almost mean nothing without effort. The women love men who are sincere and honest. They don’t need lavish gifts to win and keep her love, all you need to do is to make sure your effort is consistent and prove that you’re serious about her. If she does agree to be your girlfriend, get ready to see her loving and sweet side. Their expression of love will literally melt your heart and you will realize that your efforts were beyond worth it.

When it comes to marriage culture In the Philippines, most women would save themselves for marriage since their religions and tradition revolves around being conservative. Don’t be too surprised to notice that Filipina women tend to include some religious and traditional acts their daily routines and activities such as praying when getting on vehicles before a trip, or “blessing” their elders by taking the back of their hands and gently tapping them on their foreheads. It’s an important bit to remember if you want to impress your Filipina wife’s folks when you meet them. It’s a gesture of respect by doing so and it’ll be sure to woo your wife and her family. These are just some of the few tips that’s part of knowing how to marry a woman from the Philippines.

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One important tip to effectively win her heart or to get a Filipina to notice you is by the way you treat her family. Women from the Philippines are very family-oriented and if you show good intentions and treat her family members nicely, she will greatly appreciate you. This also applies during marriage since you would be seeing her family in the picture more often than when you both were in relationship.

The Characteristics of Philippine Women

  1. Family-oriented

Every Filipino is raised with strong family bonds and values. Most cultural and traditional aspects in the Philippines mainly revolves around the family, other than religion. When marrying a Filipina, ready yourself to not only give your whole life to your forever partner, but towards her family as well since they will most likely be in the picture more often onwards. Unlike in most Western countries where family ties tend to dissipate after one gets married; in the Philippines however, the family ties get stronger. In addition to this fact, whenever you need support emotionally and financially, the entire family will always be there with arms wide open to any problems you and your wife would experience.

  1. Marriage-minded

Philippine women, along with the men as well, are incredibly religious and God fearing. Filipinas are raised from birth to adhere to religious teachings such as praying before meals, going to church every Sunday, and read the bible. Since most of the population in the Philippines practice Christianity, expect to marry inside a church and to start practicing some religion-related activities – “fiestas” or festivals commemorating saints and religious icons are a common example. Another important characteristic of these women is the fact that they strongly disagree with divorces. They see marriage as a sacred ceremony and process that strictly follows the teachings of their religion. Rather than choosing the option of divorce, they would rather stick with their husbands and try their best to preserve and maintain the marriage.

  1. Fun-loving

The Philippine locals love of food goes beyond words. When dating and marrying a woman from the Philippines prepare yourself with their unbeatable love of food and grand celebrations. This applies to just about any special occasion especially weddings, birthday parties and festivals. Expect to see some of their favorites such as Lechon (whole roasted pig), Filipino Spaghetti (sweet spaghetti) and Lumpia (Filipino egg rolls stuffed with pork and vegetables). Once you enter a Philippine celebration, it’s time to find bigger pants after the party. If you have the time and dedication in cooking one of these savory dishes for a Filipina then you can cross this tip out on how to marry a woman from the Philippines list.

  1. Natural Lovers

The reputation of Philippine women is that they are exceptionally loving, loyal and generous to their lovers. Be prepared to experience their unique form of love with their reassuring presence and tremendous amounts of patience when it comes to relationships and marriage. Growing up, they were already taught how to do chores around the house such as cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. They lived under strict rules from their families which raised them to be disciplined and obedient towards their loved ones. When it comes to activities done behind closed doors, most Eastern countries value virginity highly. Most women in the Philippines still adhere to the traditional upbringings that revolves around physical intimacy such as saving their virginity after marriage.

  1. Conservative and Shy

Most Philippine women are timid and conservative at first. When approaching her with romantic intent, be sure to mind your behavior towards her and avoid coming off too strong. What you should do is to talk politely and end the conversation with a good impression of yourself by making clever jokes. Filipinas love to laugh and having a good sense of humor with give you a great advantage in winning her heart. Be careful of saying rude and offensive words around them, especially with jokes and ice-breakers.







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