6 Reasons to Marry a Filipina


Over the course of a few years, the increase in cross-cultural romances has risen greatly. One of the most common cross-cultural romances that you can find these days are the ones between foreign men and Philippine women. This is no surprise since Filipinas are known for their beauty, faithfulness, hospitality, and the fact that they make good spouses and responsible mothers.

If you are one of those men who wish to date a Filipina, this article will tell you all about their culture, practices and learn practical tips on wooing and sweeping a Philippine woman off her feet. If you are not convinced by the word of mouth from friends and strangers, here are 6 reasons to marry a Filipina.  

Her family values are something to be commended.

You will find that most Filipinos enjoy close-knit family ties. Unlike the common western practice of leaving the parents’ home to live a few states away, Filipinos find it hard to be separated from family for long periods of time. The same goes for the women. This is why it is not unusual for them to all be living in the same locality. Aside from immediate family like her mother, father and maybe a few siblings, prepare to be surprised by the sheer number of uncles, aunts, and cousins you will probably meet sooner into your courtship.

Bear in mind that her decisions will most likely be influenced by these people. So, it is important that you are polite when you meet them. A helpful tip is that when you gain the family’s favor, you are sure to win her heart. If you woo the family first and actually win their approval, they will be your biggest supporters. When things go south, they will even be the one to convince her to give you a chance.

You also might want to consider that the family will become a constant feature in both your lives. The size of her family can be overwhelming at times but know that one characteristic of Filipino families is that they will always be there to support and provide advice to you and your wife during problems.


She is religious.

Philippine women are raised with strong spiritual values. The majority of the country’s population is Christian, while the most prevalent Christian denomination is Catholicism. Since their birth, Filipinas have been instilled with good religious mindsets that most of them are devout Christians living their lives in accordance with the doctrine of their church.

Needless to say, most of them are devoted to their religious persuasion. For Filipinas, faith is not just a representation of their belief, it is also their identity. So, if you do not share this, at least respect it. Though she adheres to her faith, she won’t ever judge you for yours. Neither she nor her family will judge you for what you believe in and you should extend the same courtesy.


Submissive but not passive.

Yes, Filipinas are submissive. They tend to follow and heed their husbands, she listens and does everything in hopes of making both your lives as hassle-free as possible. Filipinas are the type of women who would respect the authority a man has over the family. However, you must not confuse being submissive with having no strong will to voice out their concerns giving you a free pass to do whatever you want. Filipinas have a strong sense of righteousness. In fact, they can hold their ground better than most when it comes to your faithfulness in the relationship.

She knows what belongs to her and she will stand by that. Do not expect that she will just hang her head low, pack up and leave. She is a fighter. She will not give up on something – or someone, she has already committed to.

Not all Filipinas are party girls.

Judging by the exotic beauty and outgoing personality of Philippine women, most men might think that they enjoy partying and bar hopping but this is a misconception. In fact, most Filipinas do not get enjoyment from the blinking lights of the bar scene. They are reserved and, at times, timid. Although, you can probably drag her along on night-outs with your friends sometime in the future but know that this is not her scene. Most Filipinas are comfortable when they are in closed settings surrounded by family and friends. Her version of fun is cooking a big family dinner and inviting the whole clan over – rowdy munchkins and all.


Not all Filipinas are hard to get.

This is another popular misconception caused by thinking that all Filipinas are shy and demure. According to most foreign men who have or are dating Filipina women, they had hard times letting the courtship progress at a fast pace or at least at the pace they are used to. This is where cultural barriers play a great role. While foreign men are used to dating casually, most Filipinas see nothing casual about dating. They take this very seriously. This is also the reason why they take offense whenever their date expresses that they are not looking for something permanent.  However, if a Filipina woman really likes you, she will let you know and will take every action necessary to keep your romance on the right track.

In their culture, Filipinas are made to think that they are not trophies to be won but rather rewards to be gained through consistent efforts. True, some Filipinas will make suitors work for their affection but a little suffering every once in a while is never bad for the soul. Nothing worth it ever comes easy.


Filipinas are not perfect.

Is anyone ever? In spite of all the positive qualities a Filipina woman possesses, you will without a doubt find that one thing that you never expected – and then maybe some. In getting to know her, try to reserve judgment. The key in dating is getting to know the person, loving their positive qualities, finding out the negative ones and deciding if you are ready to deal with these for the rest of your life. Just like you, she is placing her best foot forward and hoping for the best.

That is just a handful of things you need to know when you are dating or planning to date a Philippine woman. Do you have other tips that we may have looked over, stories that might be helpful to the next man who falls for a Filipina or reactions to this article?

Feel free to share them in our comment section below.


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